There’s only one October and thank everything holy there’s only one Dane Cook because it’ll be much easier to rid the Earth of him at some point

large_sizemoresi2.jpgHopes and Realities for the 2007 playoffs. Feel free to discuss in the comment section.


NL: Phillies over Rockies; Cubs over D-Backs. Cubs over Phillies.

AL: Indians over Yankees; Angels over Red Sox. Indians over Angels.

WS: Indians over Cubs in 7.

Give me all 300 pounds of C.C. Sabathia bathed in champagne and as much Grady Sizemore as I can handle. On the man-crush scale, Sizemore > Tulowitzki. I want Cubs fans to continue to endure their championship drought, but I want them to really get their hopes up first. I am an asshole.

Get the realities below.


NL: Phillies over Rockies; Cubs over D-Backs. Phillies over Cubs.

AL: Yankees over Indians; Red Sox over Angels. Yankees over Red Sox.

WS: Yankees over Phillies in 5.

Just typing that out made me ill. But I can’t see anyone stopping the Yanks at this point. Their pitching is good enough (you take some pressure off the staff when you put up 7 runs a game) and they are on a mission right now. Man-crush update: A-Rod > Sizemore. Hate him all you want, he is the best player in baseball. I would let him do dirty things to me. No, I wouldn’t. Yes, I would.

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  1. Holla on the Hope picks, except cubbies over indians. Sizemore is overrated, had him on fantasy team and was disappointing. The actual reality will be the Sox winning the whole thing, which sadly is worse than the yankees these days. I hate them worse than Dane Cook.

    i just want my recent non-sexual crush Byrnes to wear the vest uniform without the undershirt; sleeveless look is in. right? anybody?

  2. Got a text yesterday from Captain Fikse:

    “Fuck gods team. They made the playoffs because they prayed harder. Suck my ass jesus freaks.”

    That’s all I came here to say.

  3. I don’t know anything about baseball…but I like O’malley…Any chance of blogging about Men’s Gymnastics…just thought I would throw that one out there. Go A’s…how many outs?

  4. Boy, you are really good at this picking business, aren’t you? Realities indeed.

  5. The sad thing is that my picks here are still better than my NCAA brackets…

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