I know, right?

boobpoop.jpgIt never occurred to me either.

And now, it just seems so obvious.

Thank you random stranger who wrote some stupid shit in the portapotty at Zeitgeist … you have truly opened my eyes to the vast, untapped marvels of the English language and its stunning symmetry that borders on freakish artifice.

Check back tomorrow for my 5,000-word deconstruction of Saussure’s theory of semiotics.

Or, perhaps, a dick joke.

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  1. Interesting, I think, that you left out what happens if you flip the whole thing upside-down:

    dood (dude)
    qooq (cock)

    Could this have been what attracted you (subliminally-erotically) to the message in the first place?


  2. There wasn’t a picture of A-Rod next to it, so no.

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