It would probably involve a lot of G.I. Joes

gi_joe.jpgSo I was thinking yesterday … I make more money now than I did when I was eight. What would the eight-year-old me do with the same income I have now?

These are the kind of things that occupy me late at night when I should be asleep.

Obviously I would have a closet full of candy, mostly gummi stuff and Now and Laters — that’s a given. Baseball cards would be purchased in bulk. I was never really into comic books, but G.I. Joe dudes would be battling Transformers in a massive Lego world on a daily basis, soundtracked by a neverending Duran Duran marathon.

What would the eight-year-old you buy?

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  1. I was never big into G.I. Joe but I coud have a hell of a Transformers/M.A.S.K. battle in a city built by tonka trucks, all while chewing 3 pieces of grape bubble yum at a time because I wasn’t allowed to have gum. Also my brother would be living in the house I’d rented for him in China or something…

  2. Of course, at my current income I would probably have to finance some of the larger Tonka vehicles… totally worth it though.

  3. 8? Geez. I imagine I’d have an arm full of jelly bracelets balanced on the opposite arm by at least three swatch-watches. There’s a good chance all my outfits would include a matching beret. I’d have a fridge filled with enough root beer and cream soda to swim in. My entire house would be hot pink and teal, and I’d be driving a white convertible Volkswagen Rabbit. An entire bookcase would be dedicated to every Sweet Valley Twin book ever written. I’d likely be doused in “Electric Youth” perfume by Debbie Gibson. I would totally have a pool.

    I still want a pool.

  4. you’re still not getting a pool

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