Gamers are great in bed (assuming they ever work up the courage to talk to women)

videogamesexy.gifCame across this article while checking Hotmail today (why do I still have a Hotmail account? I ask myself this very question every time I check it).

It’s a handy article for the ladies that breaks down what kind of guy you’re dating based on what video game console he has. Sorry to my gaming friends, but this is comedy. I pretty much laughed through the whole thing, but there were definitely a couple highlights:

[XBox owners] may be living out an active and social life through games, because they are a bit on the shy side. These guys are passionate about gaming and that transfers into the bedroom as well.

The other gem was the disclaimer at the end that stated, “Of course, these expert opinions won’t apply to all men who own these consoles, so don’t consider them absolutes.” Oh, really? Wow, thanks for the clarification.

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  1. Story worthless without mention of pimp n64 owners.

  2. so if you pee in a game console does that mean you like golden showers?

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