Slacking is for … um … slackers

Man, I had this plan for a huge end of the year music wrapup extravaganza, and then I’ve been sick and/or drunk a lot lately, and it all fell by the wayside. Here’s a half-ass wrapup of stuff going on at the moment.

Baseball’s winter meetings were kinda fun. That Miguel Cabrera deal was INSANE. Johan Santana is still a Twin, but everything I read says he’ll be with the Red Sox by Opening Day. A’s trade no one, start pursuing Barry. Dirty.

Read on for more boringness.

Um, yeah…I guess all I’ve done lately is work, read baseball rumors and watch TV. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is completely fucking amazing. Easily the funniest thing I’ve seen since Arrested Development got canceled. Charlie is so good. (“Viet-goddamn-nam is what happened! Go get me a beer, bitch!”) Rome season 2 is good so far. Christ, I am boring.

So, you people want a music wrapup? Because I will do that shit. I’ve already written half the blurbs. Some are even entertaining to read. I was thinking a few of the best songs, and then a few of the best albums. When you get iTunes GCs for gifts and run out of ideas, you can start here. Okay, I’ll do it. All three of you readers drive a hard bargain.

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  1. finally you start watching Sunny in Philadelphia!

    btw i threw up in my mouth a little when i first read the Bonds to A’s rumors…

  2. Man you weren’t kidding, that was the most boring, half-assed music wrap up I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing. I’m now dumber for having read it. thanks. jerk.

    I will say that Sunny in Philly is pretty funny. I was dubious about the whole DeVito thing, but it seems to work. Dwarves are humorous to me.

  3. Funny? Yes. Hot girls? Maybe. Arrested development? Not at all. Sorry buddy.

  4. Bonds to the A’s will make me actually want to go to games again. For the brief time that they are still in Oakland, that is. I hope they play him in left, that will be so awesome. He could singlehandedly make them good again, now that I think of it. Unnhh Billy Beane!


    In other news, O’Malley watches too much TV. And 1/3 of his readership hereby votes for an all hip-hop year in review. (1/3 of the readership promises not to read anything about music that is not hip-hop…)


  5. that wasn’t my music wrapup, jerkface. it is coming soon, but i have now rendered it invisible to your computer screen. so there.

    and it will be more than just hip-hop. i like all types of shits.

  6. You can WRITE whatever you want, it’s just that at 1/3 of the readership vows to skip all the non hip-hop parts. Knock yourself out though…

  7. Always Sunny is hilarious, but fuckin’ time you started watchin’ that show.

    Just a base!

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