I smashed up the gray one, bought me a red

pimpc.jpgAnd so it begins.

This was a fantastic year for music. The last couple years were good, not amazing, but 2007 totally made up for it. Every genre — and by “every genre” I mean rock, hip-hop and electronic — came with some bona fide gems, and even the stuff that wasn’t amazing was still better than some of the best stuff the past two years had to offer.

After hours upon hours of refining and arguing with myself, I made a list of my 30 favorite songs of the year. Thing is, I couldn’t think of any good way to present it, and some of the songs I’ve already blogged about.

I decided I’m basically just going to throw out a random assortment of songs that took up a chunk of 2007 for me, and spit a few thoughts on each. I’ll do a few each day, in no real order of any kind.

So, uh, here’s one that’s awesome:

UGK: “International Players Anthem (feat. OutKast)” [from Underground Kingz, 2007]

Read on for more about this baby as well as a couple more songs, and one of my favorite videos of the year.

UGK’s Pimp C (pictured above) was found dead at the Mondrian Hotel on the Sunset Strip a week ago today. RIP. No word yet on the cause of death, but no matter what it is, it’s quite sad considering he’s so young. He rocks the SHIT out of the second verse here with a seeeeeerious flow. A meditation on all types of love, this track is like a hip-hop Love Actually – stop laughing – and it bumps to boot. If I were ranking these songs, this would be in the top 10.


Feist: “One Two Three Four” [from The Reminder, 2007]

More music about love. This is my second-favorite video of the year (you’ll see the first later). I love long takes in videos and movies, and there’s so many subtle tricks going on here it cracks me up. I didn’t like The Reminder as much as I liked Feist’s last record, Let It Die, but this song never failed to put me in a good mood. If this song doesn’t make you happy, you’re probably the Grim Reaper or something. Stop reading my blog, Grim Reaper.


Royce Da 5’9”: “Hit ‘Em” [Single, 2007]

No love up in this bitch. Just the D’s finest emcee saying “Fuck everyone, I am the King of Detroit and I will destroy you with wordplay and crush your FACE with my flow on this beat by the still-amazing DJ Premier. That’s RIGHT!” We like it when he says stuff like that.

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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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