Thank God it’s fatal

andrewbird.jpgSo, how’s it going so far? Is UGK your thing? Isn’t Feist hot? Did Royce melt your face off? If you like stuff, comment. If you hate stuff, comment. If you like me, comment. If you hate me, uh, fuck off. Let’s continue…

Andrew Bird: “Heretics” [from Armchair Apocrypha, 2007]

I still can’t decide whether this soaring highlight of Bird’s newest album is the “best” song on that record, but I’ll be damned if it’s not the most fun – and it’s still gorgeous. That violin riff was stuck in my head for a significant period of time in 2007. Bird has a way of turning English into his bitch, and that, I appreciate. He can talk about nothing and make it sound profound. I did a pretty good job spreading the gospel of his last record, The Mysterious Production of Eggs, and Armchair Apocrypha is well deserving of a listen too.

Read on for gummy bears, assaults by supermodels and other nonrelevant crap. Also, more music.

Buff1: “Pretty Baby” [from Pure, 2007]

buff1.jpgKnow what’s awesome? Yes, Haribo Gold Bears are awesome. And I am eating them right now. But this beat is also awesome. It deserves a big “UNNHH” for being so awesome. It’s quite simple, yet so perfectly stitched, and those little horn blasts give me a serious boner. Unfortunately, Buff1 probably has one of the worst names I’ve ever heard, but he’s immensely talented and criminally overlooked, so I forgive him. If you like this, shell out the dough for Pure right here.


The Bug: “Jah War (feat. Flowdan)” [Single, 2007]

What…is…happening? Dub/dancehall vet The Bug comes with another perplexing blast of hardcore beats. There’s like, no rhythm here, except that there is one and it is insane. Listening to this song is like getting punched in the face repeatedly by a really sexy woman. It’s jarring and disorienting, but after a while you learn to look past the severe beating and admire the total package. Wait…is that a good thing? Whatever, this song rules.

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