There is only one thing left to say

sharon_jones.jpgAnd it don’t stop…at least not until I get bored with this. Which could be a while. I don’t get bored with music very easily.

Quick tangent: The A’s are going to suck this year. But at least they didn’t sign Aaron Rowand for $60M. Is that what “grit” costs these days? Comedy. On with the music…

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: “Tell Me” [from 100 Days, 100 Nights, 2007]

Miss Jones put on the best concert I’ve seen in the past few years last fall at Bimbo’s. I went with my parents and my dad wouldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had for like three months. The show was some high-energy craziness, and watching my parents get all excited and damn near dance made it worth every penny (plus they bought me dinner). This song isn’t one of Jones’s more fiery moments, but it’s a perfect re-creation of the Motown vibe, and Sharon still gets to show off the pipes a little bit.

Read on for dirty fuzz and my musician fantasy.

Rob Sonic: “Teeth Eat Her” [from Sabotage Gigante, 2007]

One of the lesser known Def Jukies, Sonic raps his ass off on this hip-hop abstraction. Even though I’m not quite sure what he’s talking about half the time, I love the way he bounces around pace-wise on top of this wonderfully dirty fuzz. Pretty much every beat on this record has this same grimy sound to it. Good thing I find it mind-bendingly awesome.


The National: “Mistaken for Strangers” [from Boxer, 2007]

If I could be any musician in any band, I would seriously have to consider being Bryan Devendorf, drummer for The National. They use him more skillfully than any band making music these days uses their drummer, letting his off-kilter – and probably fun as hell to play – rhythms drive everything they do, including this propellant masterpiece. And like every other song in The National’s catalog, it’s haunted by Matt Berninger’s baritone as he moans an eloquently tragic tale.

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