Because…what’s the difference?

lcdsound.jpgMy new headphones finally came in the mail. I’m not sure my ears have ever been happier. You can stop sending sympathy cards now.

Quick math lesson: Beers priced $2 or less are actually free. True story.


LCD Soundsystem: “Someone Great” [from Sound of Silver, 2007]

You may have read my “All My Friends” lovefest a while back, and yes, that still stands. Definitely song of the year. This one here, however, is still totally mindblowing. I’ve been told that James Murphy is lamenting the loss of a production partner on this track, but he spins it into an epic love song, the ambiguity of which casts a bit of light on the similarities of every personal interaction. The beat is a fetching blend of fuzz and melody, and the whole thing is basically just another exhibit of Murphy’s musical genius. Top 5 song of 2007.

More goodies after the jump.

Senim Silla: “Keep it Coming” [from The Name The Motto The Outcome, 2007]

Oh, that flow. Best flow of the year by anyone on anything. “Whoever said hip-hop’s dead never met me.” UNNHH! That’s RIGHT! I started listening to this song right around the time my dad died, and it kinda felt like its unbridled optimism was keeping me alive for about a month. I wish I could rap like this. Or at all.


Rogue Wave: “Lake Michigan” [from Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, 2007]

roguewave.jpgHow far they’ve come. First record, self-released; second record, Sub Pop; third record, Jack Johnson’s label. Weird. Honestly, this album was pretty unremarkable compared to this band’s first two records, but this is a slice of, um, heaven right here. That moment when the sprinting verses crash into the chorus is one of the best things I’ve heard all year. Plus I ate mac and cheese with the songwriter. He gets credit for that. Oops, let me just pick that name up right there…

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  1. So, which headphones did you end up going with? Are they full on ear muffs or something you could wear on BART?

  2. i bought the same exact pair that i had. they’re over the ear, but not full-on muffs.

    ha. muffs.

    i am eight years old.

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