When I’ve been fixed

So here’s the last batch of songs before we blast through the albums that made 2007 awesome. These are three of my absolute faves of the year, so I’m not going to go all pretentious fake music critic on you. Just listen and enjoy.

No pic on this bitch because you’ve already seen Okkervil River. This song rocks mah FACE! Goddamn RIGHT! If it fails to excite you you’re probably dead INSIDE! Emphasis on every last WORD! UNNHH! I need MEDICATION! BADLY!

Okkervil River: “Unless It’s Kicks” [from The Stage Names, 2007]

More bestest songs of the year as judged by some Polack with random taste in music after the jump.

Marco Polo: “Nostalgia (feat. Masta Ace)” [from Port Authority, 2007]

I’m saying this is the best hip-hop song of the year, and by a fairly large margin. Just to avoid confusion, Marco Polo is the producer/dude working the counter at the beginning, Masta Ace is the emcee.


The National: “Slow Show” [from Boxer, 2007]

thenational.jpgI know I said I wasn’t going to say anything about these records, but fuck it. Didn’t want to end this list on such a down note, but this song blows my mind. It’s like a classic film noir: You’re thrust into the aftermath of something horrible, and then the story unravels into the final lamentation that cements the severity of the situation. Listening to it makes me feel kinda sick to my stomach — which is, of course, the main reason I find it to be so wonderful.

There’s no way to accurately describe or truly explain the way music affects us, but whether happy or sad, music ought to make you feel alive. It’s a distinctly mortal experience to hear sounds and voices and have such a visceral response to them, one that literally changes your brain chemistry on impact. It’s like hitting pause on life, letting all the bullshit tasks and fears and other worthless crap we fill our days with drop away for three or four minutes, and just reveling in your very existence. It’s a reminder that things are good, even when they’re bad.

The songs I’ve posted on this blog did that for me. Nice work, 2007. Much obliged.

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