Why you gotta be like that, PC?

oie_sad_desktop.jpgJesus. I just looked at this blog on my work computer, which is a PC, and man, this thing looks like crap. The fonts are all skinny and style-less, and I’ve been writing line breaks to fit on my screen at home, which is a Mac, and they do not translate here.

Can you PC users even see the hyperlinks in the text? I can’t even see which text is linked and what isn’t. That not very useful.

Anyway, let me know if you’re having similar issues, because, well…I dunno. I’m not going to do anything about it anyway. I will bitch about it, though. Fucking PCs. Lame.

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  1. I’m using a PC and it looks fine to me. Before you blame all PC’s, might try to adjust the crazy “display” settings…

    Also in case you’re interested in paying our mortgage online or using our printer you’d better not bring a Mac because it won’t display the correct website settings and you have to buy a special connector to attach to printer. Fucking Macs. Lame.

    So just send a check for the mortgage…

    Also “I Am Legend” is so good, “I am awesome” just for watching it.

  2. Yeah, no display problems on our PCs at home or at work. I say user error.

  3. well, so long as there’s no complaints, because like i said, i can’t do much about it anyway. still brutal on this work laptop…

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