Bye, Swish

a_swisher_hi.jpgOh man. In their quest to rebuild the farm system and compete at some point in the future, the A’s have traded the beloved Nick Swisher.

I’m torn. I mean, you have to love a guy who clearly has fun out there and realizes how lucky he is to do what he does (and bang the kind of chicks he bangs). He seemed like he was young enough and cheap enough for the A’s to keep him around.

But Billy Beane spinning the not-really-all-that-amazing Moneyball star into the ChiSox’s two top pitching prospects, who by most accounts are serious gamers with big-time potential? That’s pretty awesome too. Between this and the Haren trade, there’s been a serious influx of young talent this offseason.

My $0.02: Now get rid of Blanton, Chavvy, and Street. Pillage more farm systems. Get us enough talent to compete in a few years, and trade the rest for the pieces we’re still missing by then. (Like a fucking shortstop.)(You make me cry, Bobby Crosby.) ALCS by 2010, baby!

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  1. agreed, you speak the truth. we love swish, he is fun to watch but has some holes and if A’s are rebuilding anyways might as well take some top prospects.
    chavez and crosby are not going to take the a’s anywhere.

    will suck this year when the a’s don’t put out a competitive product on the field, going to be a long season for bay area baseball. hopefully it will pay off for the A’s a few years from now.

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