I am not a sofa or a couch

nickandreedaboss-lpsingles1.jpgBeen a minute since I did a music post…

This song has been rocking my face big time over the past couple weeks. I’m finally going through all the XLR8R mags that have piled up in my room. (I read at about a third-grade pace; a less than desirable characteristic for someone who reads and writes for a living.) This was on the sampler from like May or something. I am pissed I’m just now getting to it.

Nick Andre & E Da Boss: “Don’t Sleep (feat. Bicasso)”

This song is fire, fire, FIRE. Listen and love. And read on if you feel like it.

So there’s not a hell of a lot of info about these cats floating around the internets, but they are from the Bay Area, so I feel really fucking stupid for not being up on their shit. Anyway, Bicasso is the emcee heard here, and holy hell does he bring it. That flow is unbelievable; he’s rapping across the beat one second and right on it the next…he’s all over the place in the best possible way. He’s a member of the Living Legends, a semi-famous California crew that includes Murs, whom I love. You learn a lot of things you probably should have known a long time ago every day!

Nick Andre and E Da Boss appear to be manning the boards (Slept On Records is all I can find for these dudes). The beat is crisp and clear, and the little breakdown at the end is so nice. I love it when dudes are like, “Yeah, so…we’re just gonna go ahead and burn an entirely different idea on this already great song. It’s not like we’re gonna run out of ideas or anything, because we’re awesome. No big deal. We’re just better than you. No big deal.”

The chance that I will find one more song that’s remotely as awesome as this is enough to guarantee I will be purchasing their records soon. Unnhh.

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  1. Whats up man.. just stumbled accross this.. glad you liked the track from the XLR8R comp. We have a new E.P. “Everey Man For Himself” out in early March 08′ and a past full length “The Catalog” that you might be into. Its out of print but still avalible on itunes. Peace .. Nick Andre

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