The Super Bowl…will be boring

brady_tom.jpgMore like the Not-so-Super Bowl, AMIRITE?!? WHAT?

So anyway, I wrote this post laying into football for boring me in general these days, and then talked about the hot girls Tom Brady has banged/is banging, and how he apparently was at my Prom in high school, and by the time I was finished, it sounded unbelievably gay, and I deleted it.

And now, all you get is this picture of Tom Brady and the ghost of what might have been. But at least I got to use the AMIRITE thing up front. That shit cracks me up.

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  1. SuperBoring. Can’t wait to not watch it.

  2. Could be boring, looking forward to being too drunk to pay attention to it.

  3. Also, I’m betting you didn’t delete that article you wrote, you decorated it with pink hearts and glitter and sent it to Tom Brady, didn’t you? Because if you did, THAT would be unbelievably gay.

  4. you’re boring. oh ya!

  5. that game was not boring. how goes that brady crush now?

  6. Yeah. You might want to delete THIS post because that game was pretty damn entertaining.

  7. I’m with Steve, no way Krolak deleted that post. He has it taped above his bed with a big Tom Brady poster… Just another in a long line of man-crushes.

    Every night before Mike goes to sleep, he whispers out, “don’t you break my heart Tom Bray, don’t you dare do it.”

  8. I will admit that the last five minutes were awesome.

    The other 55 had me pining for March 25.

  9. I tuned in for the last five minutes because the Internet told me the Patriots had a chance of losing. I did enjoy that part.

    I will say this though: Close game all the way; lead changes; a come-from-behind 4th quarter touchdown drive to win the Super Bowl; that’s as good as football ever gets, right? Yet, the announcers sounded like they were going to fall asleep in the booth and I pretty much agreed with them. Woohoo. Football. Yay…

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