MLB testing the sexist waters

andrews.jpgSince we had fun debating sexism last time, let’s do it again.

I somehow became part of this little focus group for MLB where I answer online surveys like once a month. I do it faithfully because I love baseball and I’d like to think I help counteract the retards who are likely part of this survey group as well, the ones who provide suggestions like “John Kruk needs a reality TV show” or “MIC UP MORE PLAYERS PLZ.”

The last survey was all about MLB TV, a coming-soon, 24/7 baseball channel which I’d love to get but I’m sure will be way too expensive to justify. It covered baseball media in general, so I got to provide insight on who I think is worth listening to/reading (Jon Miller, Baseball Prospectus), and who I’d like to see doing commentary on TV (anyone but Mike Krukow).

Then it got kinda weird. Follow the jump for more; if you’re wondering, that’s ESPN’s Erin Andrews. She doesn’t do baseball. C’est la vie.

So toward the end, one of the questions was “How do you feel about female commentators/reporters?” The choices were 1) I would like to see female commentators, 2) Neutral (I do not care one way or the other), 3) I do not want to see female reporters, and 4) Don’t Know.

I’m not a lawyer, but that seemed pretty discriminatory to me. They’re quite clearly deciding if they should fill some sort of lady quota, or just hire Steve Phillips (please no). I realize that it’s TV, it’s entertainment, and they wanna know if people are going to freak out and say “I don’t wants ta get mah baseball talk from a fe-male,” and change the channel, but it just seemed like a weird question to ask. I mean, we’re not talking about the president here, AMIRITE?

I don’t really give a shit who’s doing the talking so long as they understand the game, aren’t on TV solely because they’re expert yellers, and don’t think Moneyball was about on-base percentage. If it’s a hot chick, so be it, and if it’s a fat dude, so be it. Just don’t make me want to cram a screwdriver in my ear by saying shit like “Alex Rodriguez is not a winner” and we’ll call it even. Basically, I just want Peter Gammons to read old-timey stories about baseball on TV every night, in front of a fireplace with a pipe. Good times.

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  1. The choices should have been more like

    1) I would like to see female commentators,
    2) Neutral (I do not care one way or the other),
    3) I do not want to see female reporters,
    4) I would like to see female commentators with big boobies,
    5) I am more of an ass man when it comes to female commentators, and
    6) Don’t Know.

    I’m calling “not illegal” on their question though; TV sports commentary is clearly entertainment not journalism. Discriminatory hiring practices encouraged.

    /Word on the Peter Gammons old-timey story hour
    //Also Vin Scully please

  2. Illegal? Probably not even close since, like an actor, your sex (or your look) could legitimately be considered part of your qualifications. Whether or not it should be is the question MLB should have asked themselves (20 years ago) and answered with a “we’ll hire the most qualified person” instead of worrying over their sexist demographic defecting (to watch Minor League baseball? where are they afraid they’d go?) if they hire a woman.

    I think they would have been better served with the question: Would you prefer a barely articulate former player who, while unable to accurately read a cue card, would on occasion offer worthless guesses as to players thoughts on the field (ex: “He’s wanting a strike right now”) OR a signing chimpanzee with no understanding of the game? There are times, especially in football, where I’d prefer the damn monkey.

    But I love Kruk and Kuip so my opinion is tainted.

  3. Gammons would only talk about the red sox and kiss jeter’s ass.

  4. I don’t know much about baseball, but I do know you don’t see much of the commentators on tv, so big boobies are kind of a waste there (at least as much as they could ever be a waste). I WOULD like to see more hot female umpires… bending over the catchers, back to the camera, wearing high heels with low rise pants and g-strings on… In fact, forget the pants…

  5. idk, im not sexist, but I just like to hear a male voice while watching sports. To me I know lots of woman don’t really care about sports, and don’t really like sports. So when I hear a woman announcer they sound, to me, almost ditsy… Granted there are some really great announcers out there who are women, such as Susan Waldman. But it is just my taste I guess. It took me a while to warm up to Susan. She does know her baseball though!

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