If my cell phone had a face I would punch it in it

razr.jpgLike most rational people, I fucking hate my cell phone. My RAZR has me convinced that Motorola designers all have some sort of severe learning disability. The sad part is that I’ve gotten used to using this totally nonintuitive turd, and now it’d probably be a pain to figure out how to use a cell phone designed by someone with an IQ above 80.

But my contract is up soon and I’m thinking I’m gonna jump ship on Verizon. There are two services that seem appealing to me — CREDO and Sonopia — because they donate part of your bill to progressive charities and nonprofits. CREDO donates 1% but gives you more groups to choose from; Sonopia goes for 5% but you can only choose one recipient, and they give you ugly-ass phones smothered in pictures of birds and shit.

Here’s my question: Sonopia uses Verizon coverage, which is pretty good, but CREDO uses Sprint, which I know nothing about. Anyone have Sprint? And if so, how is it? CREDO has a few phone choices (only smartphone is a Q); Sonopia offers only RAZRs. The coverage, then, could be the dealbreaker/maker, so let me know if you have any insights.

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  1. I worked for Credo. Well, it was called “Working Assets” then, and I guess part of the company still is. It’s the long-distance provider of choice for hippies.

    I am not a fan of these psuedo-nonprofits. All “Credo” and Working Assets Long Distance do is take Sprint, wrap it in a new layer of marketing bullshit, bump the price up, and then donate a tiny part of that price increase to various nonprofits. You’d do better for the world by getting yourself the best possible deal from whatever provider, and making your own donations with the money you save.

    That said, they do send you a ballot where you can vote for the nonprofits, a newsletter, notices about opportunities for citizen action, etcetera. You get a little education out of the deal, and maybe a warm fuzzy here and there. Meanwhile Credo makes a LOT of profit.

    All that said, I’m in the same boat as you are with regard to jumping ship from Verizon. I hate the motherfuckers. My bill is wayyyyyyyy too high every month. Andy Damron told me the monthly bill for his iPhone is going to be $80 for unlimited data and virtually unlimited texts and calls. Meanwhile, I’m paying like $150 a month for Verizon.

    Also I hate Motorola. My Q pretty much sucks. Point is, my contract is about to be up and I think we should join forces to research the hardware issue and find a better provider. Maybe we could even get a group discount?

  2. my bill is actually not much of a concern for me. i get unlimited texts and never come close to my call limits for like $60/month. i’m not sure i need data outside of the muni nextbus service. could be nice though…and i’m worth it…

  3. I must.have.data, which adds like $50 to my Verizon bill. Once you have that shit, you can never go back.

  4. Harry and I have company phones which use Sprint as the service provider and I’ve had zero problems with coverage or dropped calls or anything like that. I had Verizon before and didn’t notice any difference when I switched. I do need a new phone though, good to know the RAZR is useless.

    I would agree that you should just get the best service/deal combo you can and donate what you might be saving. That way you can also get the tax benefits of the donation and choose whatever charity you want.

  5. Yeah, I agree with that as well, those companies seem great, but they’re just re-selling existing service. If you have problems with equipment or billing, you have to deal with mailing your phone somewhere and calling customer service in India or wherever. As someone who worked for AT&T wireless/Cingular Wireless/at&t mobility for several years, I know it’s best to have a store you can go to for service and support, because they can’t just hang up on you when you need to argue with them about something.

    I also agree that the RAZR is not the greatest phone, but it is a lot better than a lot of the phones out there, believe it or not. Anyone that knew me for the last few years knows I have tried out many a phone, and the RAZR was decent, but I have come to the conclusion that the BLACKBERRY is definitely the best phone currently available, with sony-ericsson actually running in second place, as far as reliability and reception go. Nokia used to be the automatic first choice, but I have seen them slip significantly in quality in the past couple years. It is also important to not simply go with the cheapest phone you can find, because the cheapest phone you can find is the cheapest phone you will find, if you know what I mean. cell phones are the ultimate example of “you get what you pay for”.

    I have also come to the conclusion that, at least in northern california, at&t does have the best overall coverage. I travel around the greater bay area and central valley pretty much daily in my current work, covering hundreds of miles, and it’s only very rarely that I have any reception issues, and I honestly can’t even remember the last time I dropped a call. I remember from working there a year ago or whatever that they were pouring literally billions of dollars into their CA network, and in a few short months, we all noticed the difference.

    I even switched to Verizon briefly when I left At&t because I had to port my number out and they had the “try it out for 30 days free” promotion at the time. I figured if it was better, we would keep it, but Stacy and I both immediately discovered that we couldn’t wait to switch back to cingular. Verizon’s coverage wasn’t as good, and most frustratingly, there would always be like a 5 to 15 second pause between the time you hit send, and the time the other phone actually started ringing. That shit was maddening. And it doesn’t happen with my phone on at&t. And sprint, while better than they were in the past, doesn’t have nearly the overall coverage of at&t or verizon, and you’re subject to roaming charges, even in local areas. My brother used to have them and he would get roaming charges in Petaluma.

    Price-wise, the at&t plans are almost exactly the same as Verizon. We pay about $140 a month to share 1400 minutes (with rollover and nationwide coverage), unlimited text for us both, and unlimited data and email for my blackberry as well.

    Whatever service you go with, be sure to buy your equipment and plan at a COMPANY OWNED store, not online, or best buy, or cellular world, or other places like that. If you have problems down the road, they are the ones in the best position to help you, and they won’t be inclined to do so if they see you didn’t buy it from the company directly. And always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get the phone insurance. Believe me.

    Give me a call if you have questions, I would be happy to go over it more with you.

  6. look steve, if you’re gonna comment on here, don’t just toss off some insipid bullshit in the heat of the moment. i’d appreciate it if you took some time to really think about the topic at hand. don’t go running your mouth about shit you know nothing about. asshole.

  7. Sorry, I will go back to my standard “I like boobs” comments…

  8. I like boobs too.

    And Steve, you just validated my already-consummated decision to purchase the iPhone. Just a couple notes:

    1) “You get what you pay for” and oh my god is this thing one sexy bitch. Way smarter than I even imagined it would be. God DAMN.

    2) That delay shit with Verizon is no joke. I am happy to be rid of it.

    3) Does Apple even offer the insurance? They didn’t try to sell me it in the Apple store. Say I lost my phone… how much would a replacement cost?

  9. I don’t have a lot of experience with the iPhone, and by that I mean I have never even touched one, butas far as the insurance goes, I imagine it falls under the same policy as with any other PDA you buy through the at&t store: “Tough Shit”

    They won’t insure PDAs because they get too much fraud with them due to the price. If you lose it, or break it, and you aren’t far enough into your contract to renew and get another discount, you pay full retail price to replace it.

    So don’t drop it in the toilet while you’re looking at drawings of boobs on the bathroom wall.

  10. Remember, it’s the iPhone. So I’ll be looking at boobs on IT rather than the wall… hopefully that will help me keep a handle on it.

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