Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?

vampireweekend.jpgI do, you preppy ass. That’s how I make my money. DO NOT BLOW THIS FOR ME!

Whoa…okay, anyway. So it’s been a while since I’ve done a music post (or any post for that matter), so here’s something to fill the void. These guys might have the worst band name ever, they are definitely overprivileged Eastern seaboard kids whose parents own property in the Hamptons, and I have not been able to turn their record off over the past few weeks.

Vampire Weekend: “Oxford Comma” [Vampire Weekend, 2008]

Read on for more about this breezy pop gem if the blogosphere hasn’t already bombarded you with enough ink about these kids.

Let’s get the keywords out of the way: African pop, Paul Simon, clean guitars, polyrhythms, keyboards.

Okey doke. So yes, all those things do describe Vampire Weekend and their sound, but it doesn’t do justice to this record’s beautiful simplicity. Everything here sounds utterly effortless; Prefix took issue with that to some extent, while Pitchfork sees it as an asset — as do I. (Did I just agree with Pitchfork? Somebody load up the rocket and fire me into outer space.)

Their sound, while not new, is certainly a rarity amongst indie pop these days, which is probably why I’ve listened to this debut LP approximately 38,402 times over the past month or so. It’s so easy on the ears that I just don’t get sick of it. Nicking rhythms and flourishes from Afro-pop isn’t really a breakthrough, and yet on some levels, it totally is. In a world of retro trends, this album at least offers a style that differentiates itself from the glut of new music out there.

In the meantime, I’ll be replaying this record and waiting to see them at the Rickshaw on Sunday as I turn 30 and inch closer to my inevitable death, which will hopefully not happen on the rocket ride to outer space.

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  1. This review says it all for so many people who can’t stand their image but can’t turn off this record. Thanks for getting over it and opening your ears for an honest, aural assessment.

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