Who’s in charge here?

Somebody should write something about something. Or something.

Baseball started. The Giants are not good at it. (Nelson: “Ha ha!”)

GZA played in SF on Monday. That was cool. Liquid Swords in its entirety, bitches.

Should I get an iPhone? They’re pretty sexy. Expensive though.

Moving this weekend. Be nice to finally have a permanent home.

Sentence fragments good. Unnhh.

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  1. You? An iPhone? Weren’t you the one who didn’t know how to text message until like 6 months ago??

  2. are you actually going to be moving? At this point I’m highly skeptical of any claim made about moving in to our out of apartments…

  3. Tell you the truth I’m a little skeptical myself. But we shall see.

    As for the iPhone, I’m not sure I’m gonna buy it because they’re fucking expensive and I totally do not need it/will never use 80% of its features/will likely crack the screen in half within my first week of ownership. But it would be kinda cool to consolidate my phone and iPod, and only carry one device.

    Basically I just want something sexy to tell me when the bus is coming. Let’s see if that desire wins out against common sense.

  4. i’m in the affirmative for the iphone for the following reasons:

    a) bush is relying on you to spend your $600 to somehow fix the billions of debt and lack of liquidity that greenspan spent years putting in motion.

    b) mission street cred….no?

    c) now that you’re 30 and a responsible adult, i think you will be able to take care your phone.

  5. you could bring your trendy iphone and talk on it while at (but not actually watching) the giants game. would have to bring a laptop, sushi, and wine too though.

    actually the giants suck and no splash hits this year, so the yuppies won’t be at the games after all. they’ll have to build a new stadium again…

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