Who drank my goddamn apple juice?

Wow…no music on this blog for a while. No anything on this blog for a while.

Problem solved. Boom.

This little gem from the French producer who goes by the rather unfortunate name Krazy Baldhead sounds like it’s got nothing going on upon first listen. Pretty pedestrian beat, and a chopped up vocal of some chick who’s pissed about her beverage.

But there’s much more to it than that and it’s pretty much all awesome. Read on to listen.

Krazy Baldhead: “Applejuice” [Dry Guillotine, 2007]

Sure, it seems simple, but from the pulses that start around the 0:50 mark to the little bleeps that spread out into a full-fledged steel drum melody to the out-of-nowhere drum fills at 2:40, there’s a whole hell of a lot to love about this little bastard.

The highlight is the way Pierre-Antoine Grison (at least that’s what my tireless Wikipedia research says his name is)(you’re welcome) crafts a rhythm out of the vocals, changing them up and using them like any other instrument. It’s something my two musical crushes, Prefuse 73 and The Books, do with expert precision, only here there’s a lot more humor involved.

Anyway, good stuff. If you visit his MySpace page, I highly recommend “Crazy Mothafuckas” with NY emcee Tes. Laters.

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  1. The chick rant in that remix is the musician Eve, from the movie The Barber Shop, starring Ice Cube.

    Here is the transcript

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