Traffic — the good kind (not the kind that makes you late for stuff)(although usually I’m late for other reasons and just use it as an excuse)(it’s nothing personal)

Wow. Yesterday was the busiest day this stupid little blog has ever seen, topping the day I sent this URL to my friends and asked them to check it out and many of them did so out of annoyed politeness. It would appear that the photo of A-Rod getting rubbed down is quite popular.

I would just like to take this moment to sincerely apologize for those of you who’ve visited this site hoping to find something useful/informative. (Although if you’re googling “a rod shirtless” or “retarded people” — which many of you are — you’re probably not all that disappointed.) But yeah, it’s mostly just me complaining about stuff. At least I usually spell stuff right. Bloggers are all full of shit anyway.

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  1. um, we all know traffic isn’t the reason you’re late…

    On a sidenote you probably know this but I was at the Civic Center building in San Rafael which is where they filmed part of Gattaca. I made sure not to leave any of my skin cells around the picnic area

  2. Way to capitalize on the traffic surge by posting nothing for days. Commie.

    PS- Vampire Weekend seems pretty awesome.

  3. The traffic actually got better in the days following that post, even doubling that new high. But I run this bitch like a golf game. Lowest score wins.

  4. you gotta love a great traffic spike.

    love the pic.

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