From the Not-So-Fast files

So I’m wondering if you’ve seen this yet:

To answer your question, yes, that is the entire Spanish basketball team slanting its eyes in a photo taken for an advertisement during the runup to the Olympics in Beijing. Pretty boneheaded move, to be sure, and something that’d obviously be deemed offensive. It’s like…Hey, Spanish basketball team! Make me a burrito and pick my grapes, AMIRITE?

Anyhow, some writer on Yahoo was writing about how boneheaded the whole thing was, and I was largely following until this little tidbit.

It’s baffling that nobody involved in the picture — from the photographers to the players — even seemed to consider that this ad would be looked at negatively. Did it not occur to somebody that it might not be a good idea to mock an entire continent before the world’s largest athletic competition that, by the way, happens to take place on that continent. Were they not aware of an invention called “the Internet” that allows pictures taken in Spain to be transmitted all over the world for the eyes of everyone?

Um, were you not aware that China is not like, a continent? Oh, you’re talking about Asians in general. Fine. Are you not aware that Asia is pretty fucking big and that Russia (no slanty eyes; big furry hats; drunk), Sri Lanka (no slanty eyes; MIA), and Iran (no slanty eyes; hates freedom) are part of it? I’m not asking you to crank out any complicated quantum physics calculations or anything…just that you attend like 4th grade and/or have a globe.

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  1. oh, kid gets a promotion and all the sudden is he’s just the super know-it-all.

    way to play it cool, mike.

  2. I gotta say, the truths are getting less and less dramatic around here…

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