Beer for kids!

It’s about goddamn time!

Okay, so it’s actually just apple juice designed to look like beer, but this is still pretty funny if you watch it and imagine those kids are drinking beer. Japan is cool.

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Quote of the Week

Overheard at Zeitgeist:

“Need I remind you: My roommate is a gay pornstar.”

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Nothing to see here

Seriously. Just trying to get the headline “Behold: The Tijuana Shitter” away from the top of this thing. I was starting to get kinda grossed out.

I guess we need something in here content-wise. Um…here, read this. This helped me maintain my stranglehold on the Prefuse 73 market over there…out of six reviews for him on the site, I’ve written four, and a couple are even readable.

Also, I joined Facebook, so everyone can stop yelling at me.

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Behold: The Tijuana Shitter

alcohol.jpgWhen Prose opens her bar, there will be a new drink in town. (She is not aware of this yet.)

It will be called the Tijuana Shitter.

It will consist of a pint glass filled with ice, then about 2/3 well tequila, filled the rest of the way with Coke, then a few dashes of Tabasco, then a lime quarter squeezed into it and then hastily dropped on top. No stirring.

It will be $3 all day, every day.

And people will drink.

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ODT’s Best Albums of 2007, The Grand Finale


The moment all four of you have been waiting for. Read the writeup after the jump.


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Because…what’s the difference?

lcdsound.jpgMy new headphones finally came in the mail. I’m not sure my ears have ever been happier. You can stop sending sympathy cards now.

Quick math lesson: Beers priced $2 or less are actually free. True story.


LCD Soundsystem: “Someone Great” [from Sound of Silver, 2007]

You may have read my “All My Friends” lovefest a while back, and yes, that still stands. Definitely song of the year. This one here, however, is still totally mindblowing. I’ve been told that James Murphy is lamenting the loss of a production partner on this track, but he spins it into an epic love song, the ambiguity of which casts a bit of light on the similarities of every personal interaction. The beat is a fetching blend of fuzz and melody, and the whole thing is basically just another exhibit of Murphy’s musical genius. Top 5 song of 2007.

More goodies after the jump.


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Slacking is for … um … slackers

Man, I had this plan for a huge end of the year music wrapup extravaganza, and then I’ve been sick and/or drunk a lot lately, and it all fell by the wayside. Here’s a half-ass wrapup of stuff going on at the moment.

Baseball’s winter meetings were kinda fun. That Miguel Cabrera deal was INSANE. Johan Santana is still a Twin, but everything I read says he’ll be with the Red Sox by Opening Day. A’s trade no one, start pursuing Barry. Dirty.

Read on for more boringness.


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Worse decisions have been made

literbeer.jpgAll I’m saying is that no matter how many Dewars rocks I’ve had, you will not dare me out of having a liter of beer.

School nights be damned.

Wednesday will suck. Hard.

Thank God for the instrumental version of I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. It might be more awesome than beer. No, seriously.

UPDATE: Wednesday sucked. Hard.

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Af-firm-a-tive…I re-quire-more-beer

Read the new Red Meat.


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A decree

decree.gifOkay, I’ve done a lot of bitching and moaning over the past few months (some of it pretty damn well deserved, I’d say), but I’ve been pretty hard on 2007. This year is just mosying along, minding its own business, and I’m over here at the saloon yelling at it as I fall out of my chair. It’s funny at first, but then it gets tiresome, and if I don’t watch myself, I’m going to be riddled with bullet holes.

So I hereby renounce my complaining about 2007. Shitty things certainly happened, but good things happened too. Maybe the balance ends up firmly in the red this time around. But either way, taking any of it too seriously is a waste of time.

This is not (directly) related to “Love to a Monster,” by the way. That song and everything I wrote about it is true. But it is now my desire to retire from the ranks of professional wallowers.

I hope there will still be music left for me.

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In case you were wondering…

Here are the search results you’ll get: [Click the link]

Sorry in advance.

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