ODT’s Best Albums of 2007, The Grand Finale


The moment all four of you have been waiting for. Read the writeup after the jump.


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Scariest dude EVER

javbardem.jpgAre you excited about life and all of its possibilities? Ever get to thinking, “You know, there’s so much good in the world, and everything always works out the way it should”?

If you’d like to retain that outlook, don’t see No Country For Old Men.

I’ve seen some pretty fucked up shit, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a movie that views life with such a clinical, distanced eye, one that makes you almost feel stupid for thinking you have some sense of what it is you’re doing here, how things work or how everything will work out. Seeing this movie at the wrong juncture in your life could easily lead you to suicide. It’s very real and very frightening. I’m definitely terrified of Javier Bardem now.

Easily the best movie the Coen Brothers have made in forever. I just don’t know if I’d ever want to see it again.

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A decree

decree.gifOkay, I’ve done a lot of bitching and moaning over the past few months (some of it pretty damn well deserved, I’d say), but I’ve been pretty hard on 2007. This year is just mosying along, minding its own business, and I’m over here at the saloon yelling at it as I fall out of my chair. It’s funny at first, but then it gets tiresome, and if I don’t watch myself, I’m going to be riddled with bullet holes.

So I hereby renounce my complaining about 2007. Shitty things certainly happened, but good things happened too. Maybe the balance ends up firmly in the red this time around. But either way, taking any of it too seriously is a waste of time.

This is not (directly) related to “Love to a Monster,” by the way. That song and everything I wrote about it is true. But it is now my desire to retire from the ranks of professional wallowers.

I hope there will still be music left for me.

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