Mary Anne Hobbs needs me

I mean, she doesn’t know it yet, but it’s totally true.

How long can Mary Anne go on DJing at BBC’s Radio One, heading up their Experimental show (formerly known as the way cooler-named Breezeblock), blasting all the newest and most awesome, dark, rumbling electro/dubstep/scary music once a week without me in her life?

Won’t she tire of being pretty and devastatingly cool, riding motorcycles everywhere, telling stories of her time as a punk rock chick, interviewing Joe Strummer, cruising on tour buses with alt-pop bands (back when the “alt-” actually meant something), and getting billions of amazing new records shipped to her office unless she can share the experience with me?

And what of her sexy, breathy voice? Will it not go to waste if it’s not whispering sweet nothings into my ear?

So please, my love…leave your phone number in the comments section. It’s time you came home.

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