Who drank my goddamn apple juice?

Wow…no music on this blog for a while. No anything on this blog for a while.

Problem solved. Boom.

This little gem from the French producer who goes by the rather unfortunate name Krazy Baldhead sounds like it’s got nothing going on upon first listen. Pretty pedestrian beat, and a chopped up vocal of some chick who’s pissed about her beverage.

But there’s much more to it than that and it’s pretty much all awesome. Read on to listen.


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Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?

vampireweekend.jpgI do, you preppy ass. That’s how I make my money. DO NOT BLOW THIS FOR ME!

Whoa…okay, anyway. So it’s been a while since I’ve done a music post (or any post for that matter), so here’s something to fill the void. These guys might have the worst band name ever, they are definitely overprivileged Eastern seaboard kids whose parents own property in the Hamptons, and I have not been able to turn their record off over the past few weeks.

Vampire Weekend: “Oxford Comma” [Vampire Weekend, 2008]

Read on for more about this breezy pop gem if the blogosphere hasn’t already bombarded you with enough ink about these kids.


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I am not a sofa or a couch

nickandreedaboss-lpsingles1.jpgBeen a minute since I did a music post…

This song has been rocking my face big time over the past couple weeks. I’m finally going through all the XLR8R mags that have piled up in my room. (I read at about a third-grade pace; a less than desirable characteristic for someone who reads and writes for a living.) This was on the sampler from like May or something. I am pissed I’m just now getting to it.

Nick Andre & E Da Boss: “Don’t Sleep (feat. Bicasso)”

This song is fire, fire, FIRE. Listen and love. And read on if you feel like it.


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ODT’s Best Albums of 2007, The Grand Finale


The moment all four of you have been waiting for. Read the writeup after the jump.


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ODT’s Best Albums of 2007, Part Two

Here’s the top of the list — everything but numero uno. It’s getting its own writeup because…well, because I said so. Jesus, this was a great year for music. If any of these records had been released in the past few years, they would have been top 3 at a minimum. On we go…

8. Jens Lekman: Night Falls Over Kortedala [Secretly Canadian]

lekman_kortedala.jpgSome artists are worth listening to because they write especially catchy songs, and some artists are worth listening to because they write like poets or novelists, full of lush lyrical details that create time and place. Lekman definitely falls into the latter category, but he often makes one hell of a case for the former as well. His baroque pop has a distinctly 1960s feel to it, and like many of the films created during that time, his songs have that “arty” feel to them, but they’re also inviting and honest and make you laugh when you think about life. That kind of music is worth your time.

Jens Lekman: “A Postcard to Nina”

Follow the jump for the rest of the list…


ODT’s Best Albums of 2007, Part One

So here we go. I had to rank my top 10 for Prefix, so I figured I’d just rank a couple more for this list. Other than the top few, it was harder than I thought it would be. Here’s the first group of records, with more coming in following days.

15. Justice: Cross [Ed Banger Records]

justice_cross.jpgSo hip. So trendy. So obvious. So what? Either you love their sound or you don’t. I do. That dirty, fuzzy noise has made these Parisians blogosphere darlings for long enough that dickrider extraordinaire Kanye West took notice, going so far as to nab the director of their amazing video for “D.A.N.C.E.” in an attempt to rip their steez (see his “Good Life” vid), but he will never be half as cool as these guys. I wanna smoke cigarettes with them sometime. I bet they even hold them all cool-like.

See the video for “D.A.N.C.E.” and read about more awesome music below.


When I’ve been fixed

So here’s the last batch of songs before we blast through the albums that made 2007 awesome. These are three of my absolute faves of the year, so I’m not going to go all pretentious fake music critic on you. Just listen and enjoy.

No pic on this bitch because you’ve already seen Okkervil River. This song rocks mah FACE! Goddamn RIGHT! If it fails to excite you you’re probably dead INSIDE! Emphasis on every last WORD! UNNHH! I need MEDICATION! BADLY!

Okkervil River: “Unless It’s Kicks” [from The Stage Names, 2007]

More bestest songs of the year as judged by some Polack with random taste in music after the jump.


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Because…what’s the difference?

lcdsound.jpgMy new headphones finally came in the mail. I’m not sure my ears have ever been happier. You can stop sending sympathy cards now.

Quick math lesson: Beers priced $2 or less are actually free. True story.


LCD Soundsystem: “Someone Great” [from Sound of Silver, 2007]

You may have read my “All My Friends” lovefest a while back, and yes, that still stands. Definitely song of the year. This one here, however, is still totally mindblowing. I’ve been told that James Murphy is lamenting the loss of a production partner on this track, but he spins it into an epic love song, the ambiguity of which casts a bit of light on the similarities of every personal interaction. The beat is a fetching blend of fuzz and melody, and the whole thing is basically just another exhibit of Murphy’s musical genius. Top 5 song of 2007.

More goodies after the jump.


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There is only one thing left to say

sharon_jones.jpgAnd it don’t stop…at least not until I get bored with this. Which could be a while. I don’t get bored with music very easily.

Quick tangent: The A’s are going to suck this year. But at least they didn’t sign Aaron Rowand for $60M. Is that what “grit” costs these days? Comedy. On with the music…

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: “Tell Me” [from 100 Days, 100 Nights, 2007]

Miss Jones put on the best concert I’ve seen in the past few years last fall at Bimbo’s. I went with my parents and my dad wouldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had for like three months. The show was some high-energy craziness, and watching my parents get all excited and damn near dance made it worth every penny (plus they bought me dinner). This song isn’t one of Jones’s more fiery moments, but it’s a perfect re-creation of the Motown vibe, and Sharon still gets to show off the pipes a little bit.

Read on for dirty fuzz and my musician fantasy.


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Thank God it’s fatal

andrewbird.jpgSo, how’s it going so far? Is UGK your thing? Isn’t Feist hot? Did Royce melt your face off? If you like stuff, comment. If you hate stuff, comment. If you like me, comment. If you hate me, uh, fuck off. Let’s continue…

Andrew Bird: “Heretics” [from Armchair Apocrypha, 2007]

I still can’t decide whether this soaring highlight of Bird’s newest album is the “best” song on that record, but I’ll be damned if it’s not the most fun – and it’s still gorgeous. That violin riff was stuck in my head for a significant period of time in 2007. Bird has a way of turning English into his bitch, and that, I appreciate. He can talk about nothing and make it sound profound. I did a pretty good job spreading the gospel of his last record, The Mysterious Production of Eggs, and Armchair Apocrypha is well deserving of a listen too.

Read on for gummy bears, assaults by supermodels and other nonrelevant crap. Also, more music.


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I smashed up the gray one, bought me a red

pimpc.jpgAnd so it begins.

This was a fantastic year for music. The last couple years were good, not amazing, but 2007 totally made up for it. Every genre — and by “every genre” I mean rock, hip-hop and electronic — came with some bona fide gems, and even the stuff that wasn’t amazing was still better than some of the best stuff the past two years had to offer.

After hours upon hours of refining and arguing with myself, I made a list of my 30 favorite songs of the year. Thing is, I couldn’t think of any good way to present it, and some of the songs I’ve already blogged about.

I decided I’m basically just going to throw out a random assortment of songs that took up a chunk of 2007 for me, and spit a few thoughts on each. I’ll do a few each day, in no real order of any kind.

So, uh, here’s one that’s awesome:

UGK: “International Players Anthem (feat. OutKast)” [from Underground Kingz, 2007]

Read on for more about this baby as well as a couple more songs, and one of my favorite videos of the year.

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Exploding the hope we’ll be speaking

okketchupriver.jpgYou know what’s fun? Moping. I try to avoid it, but sometimes I’m the consummate professional when it comes to wallowing. And when I need to bottom out, yet feel insightful about my self-pity, I call on Will Sheff, the chief songwriter for Okkervil River.

This song didn’t make the cut for their latest album, but it’s not for lack of awesomeness; it’s just too direct of a song to fit into the record’s collection of narratives. If you’ve ever been dumped, this song should hit quite close to home.

Okkervil River: “Love to a Monster” [outtake/bonus track from The Stage Names, 2007]

Ouch. Read on for more.

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It’s not that I’m better than you

ghost.png… It’s just that I just saw Brother Ali, Ghostface and Rakim rip shit UP, and then when I get up I’m catching a flight to New York for a party. I’ll see you fools next week. O’Malley out this BITCH!

As a parting gift, some Ghost in your FACE. He played this in between talking about how he’ll still be rapping at 70, talking about false teeth and popping five Cialis to bag bitches even when he’s gotta walk with a cane. He’s like a totally ridiculous cartoon that’s actually real.

Ghostface: “Biscuits (feat. Trife)” [from The Pretty Toney Album, 2004]

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French speakers know electronic music

ghislain.jpgThis isn’t really up for discussion. Daft Punk, Air, Cassius, Alan Braxe, Laurent Garnier, and about 4,672,347 other amazing artists have been rubbing it in our faces for quite some time now. (Pretty much everyone on the Ed Banger label — whom you’ll be hearing more from when I do my year-end wrapup — have been the most recent perpetrators.)

I hadn’t listened to Montreal-based badass Ghislain Poirier for a while, but I was just doing the thing where I scroll quickly up and down my iTunes and then listen to something wherever I stop, and I landed in the mid-Gs and was reminded of how awesome this album was. I’m not going to go into detail here; just know that this song is devastating, and the switchup at the 1:23 mark is my SHIT!

Ghislain Poirier: “Don’t Smile, It’s Post-Modern” [from Breakupdown, 2005]

That’s RIGHT!

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Ghostface = Redonkulous

What the hell is he talking about? Jay-Z would never release a video of himself hawking an autographed hat on eBay. And that is precisely what makes Tony Starks a bad muthafucka. Good times.

I can’t wait to see this dude with Rakim and Brother Ali in November. That show definitely has the potential to make my year. That really isn’t saying a whole lot because this year sucked my BALLS, but still … a compliment is a compliment.

Just for fun, click below for one of my all-time favorite Ghost moments.


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