Did Dusty Baker move to Japan?

…because its pitchers are being ridden harder than Barbaro! Hey-ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Too soon?)

Anyhoo, 21-year-old phenom Yu Darvish threw 165 pitches in Nippon Ham’s loss to the Chiba Lotte Marines this week (just trust me that that’s what the box score would tell you). So yeah, 165 pitches. In a loss. And he only went 8 innings. And gave up 5 runs, 11 hits, and 5 walks.

So it’s not like he was working on a perfect game or something…just any old game, and they let him pull an Old Hoss Radbourn out there. Listen, Japan: If you use him up, how are we going to Dice-K-ify him when he inevitably comes over here and wins the Rookie of the Year Award in his like 11th pro season? Use your heads, dudes.

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Bad call, brutha

The power of film, ladies and gentlemen: [link]

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Derek Jeter can’t go left

While everyone’s here to look at pics of A-Rod with his shirt off, I figured I’d link to a little more evidence in favor of Jeter not being very good at baseball right here (as well as FJM’s take on the coverage here).

This, of course, is only on the defensive side; he’s clearly an asset offensively. But awarding him those Gold Gloves was comedy.

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Who drank my goddamn apple juice?

Wow…no music on this blog for a while. No anything on this blog for a while.

Problem solved. Boom.

This little gem from the French producer who goes by the rather unfortunate name Krazy Baldhead sounds like it’s got nothing going on upon first listen. Pretty pedestrian beat, and a chopped up vocal of some chick who’s pissed about her beverage.

But there’s much more to it than that and it’s pretty much all awesome. Read on to listen.


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The Brooklyn Zoo is in full effect

I lived 29 years without ever visiting New York, and now, for the second time since I’ve started this blog, I’m headed to NYC.  Not that you were expecting on-the-hour updates or anything, but I’m headed out for five days in Brooklyn, suckas. I intend to return with numerous A-Rod related stories. And more dirty pics for Stevie J.

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An open letter to Brett Favre

Fuck OFF you attention-desperate, whiny 14-year-old girl.


The Overly Dramatic Truth

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That. Is. Right.

And that. Is. All.

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So it’s come to this

Oooh, look at me! I’m on the internets!

So yeah, here we are. If I had to guess I’d say you’ll never find anything of great import here. Probably just stuff I find amusing, 80% of which will only entertain me.

Theoretically this will be a place for me to keep my mind working, and maybe it’ll be a place for all of us to chat/stay in touch with each other. I will write about music, baseball, and whatever else strikes my fancy; the only thing I can guarantee is that little of it will be timely. I will write when I damn well feel like it.

I’m pretty sure it’ll just devolve into me posting things about songs I like or complaining about asinine shit when I get home after a few drinks. Which is pretty much the same as hanging out with me anyway, no? Try to keep personal attacks to a minimum unless they’re really funny, and I’ll do the same.

By the way … isn’t this design sweet? It makes everything I write look distinguished, so when you read things like “Eat my balls, you stinking shit-pile of jism” it looks old-timey and elegant, like it’s coming from the desk of Thomas Jefferson. Or something.

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