The ODT Ultra-Brief Gift Guide

earbuds.jpg What to get the music hater/masochist in your life: Apple earbuds.

My badass AKG headphones have finally met their maker, after many rounds of super glue and scotch tape, as the left speaker has ceased functioning. Devastating. So over the past couple days I’ve been reduced to using the earbuds that came with my Nano.

I can’t believe people actually use these things on purpose. They sound tinny and flat, and you have to crank your volume to get any reasonable noise out of them – I’m just short of max volume when I’m walking around. Your music doesn’t even sound like your music anymore. And they’re brutally uncomfortable. Any of you typically cram a few dimes into your ears before you leave the house? No? Right, because that would be stupid. And so are these worthless pieces of shit.

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  1. The other night I bought some Phillips earbuds at Walgreen’s when I was drunk. They were like $25 and they have the little rubberized (reservoir) tips on them. Much more comfortable than apple earbuds or a stack of dimes… and they sound pretty decent too…

  2. i went ahead and ordered another set of AKGs from amazon. i am boring. those things kick so much ass, though. and they were on sale…that’s RIGHT!

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